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carallumaHey there my name’s Shelly. I created this site to share my story and results from using a pill called caralluma.

This post is about my story and my results. If you’re looking for the best place to get caralluma then here’s where I get mine from.- Click here to visit my recommended caralluma supplier.

I first came across caralluma after I’d just given birth to my baby daughter Amy a few months ago. I felt fat and had put on quite a bit of weight & I also couldn’t get rid of my cravings that I was getting whilst I was pregnant so putting on more weight seemed imminent to me. So I started browsing the internet for some help and came across the video below. The things that interested me about caralluma were that it claimed it could supress my appetite and at the same time increase weight loss which was exactly what I felt I needed. (Review continues below video).

Anyway I’m not the most trusting person in the world so after I watched the video I decided to look for some caralluma reviews and as I said earlier I couldn’t find any that actually gave me some useful information so I decided to just order some and see for myself.

The first place I bought caralluma online turned out to be selling fake stuff. I was mad as hell because I spent nearly $70 on the pills. That company isn’t about anymore thank God, I shudder to think how many people they scammed. I decide to try another supplier and found this one- Caralluma Actives.

They offer a free trial where all you have to pay is the shipping and handling. Now I was a bit wary of this free trial thing because I’d heard it’s hard to cancel but I researched and found it’s very easy to cancel with this company. They have a link in bottom left hand corner of the site that says “Cancel Free Trial” so it’s very easy to do. All you have to do is enter in your credit or debit card number you paid with and it locates your order so you can cancel online. You can check it out here- Caralluma Actives.

Anyway so I ordered my free trial and it came around 3 days later. I was pretty impressed how fast it came & I was really excited to get started.

I was advised to take 1 caralluma pill a day at around 5pm. This sounded good to me because I’m not usually that hungry in the mornings anyway. Now I usually have my dinner at around 8pm and on the first day I took the pill I totally forgot about eating. It was very weird and it wasn’t until I woke up the next morning that I realised I didn’t eat the day before. It was then that I realised that this was pretty powerful stuff.

Now I don’t recommend you do this because not eating can be very dangerous to your health. But remember to write a note or something after you’ve taken the pill to remind yourself to have something to eat. For some reason the pill makes you feel full up quicker so you’ll eat less when you do actually eat so make yourself smaller meals so you don’t waste food.

I’ve found that the key to losing weight is to eat less and exercise more. I recommend that you take the caralluma actives pill once a day whenever you’re usually the hungriest. This will help you to eat less and you wont mind because the pill makes you not hungry.

You’ll get even better results if you do at least 30 minutes of exercise a day. For me that means taking Amy for a walk in the push chair somewhere. I really like my daily walk because it’s light and easy to do and it’s helping me to lose weight. Plus little Amy gets some fresh air.

So after reading all those unhelpful caralluma reviews and deciding to go for it anyway I’ve been taking the caralluma actives pill for a few months now and since then I’ve lost around 28lbs which is about 9-10lbs a month consistently.

Eating a bit healthier and doing some light exercise everyday helped but there’s no way I would’ve gotten those results without taking caralluma. It has worked for very well for me and hopefully will work for you too.

The supplier I recommend is caralluma actives, you can visit their site below. The reason I recommend them to you is because I get my supply from them too & their stuff is pure and works unlike some other companies that seem to be selling placebos plus they are always on time with shipping.  The great thing about them is that they offer a free trial which you can easily cancel anytime online if you feel it’s not working as well for you.

Click here to get your free trial of Caralluma Actives- A trusted company

I wish you as much success as I’ve had with caralluma. Take care.


Easy Ways To Follow A Healthy Diet

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Following a healthy diet plan doesn’t have to be as difficult as you might think. Making a few minor changes to your daily food choices can help you ease in to a healthy diet without sacrificing the foods you love.

Often, you can kick start a healthy diet just by changing the way you prepare your food. Opt for a low-fat, heart healthy margarine or zero calorie cooking spray instead of oil or butter when preparing fried foods and try reduced-sodium salt when seasoning dishes to make the transition to a healthy diet an easy one. You may also want to include supplements in you diet. I’ll be posting my caralluma reviews soon to give you more information about these supplements.

Following a low fat, healthy diet is easier than ever before. Many dairy products are available in low-fat or fat free versions and some food manufacturers are helping to push healthy diet choices by offering reduced fat versions of our favorite snacks.

A healthy diet should consist of lean meats, fresh fruits, and leafy vegetables. Substitute a side salad for potatoes and other starchy vegetables and incorporate fresh fruits into your new healthy diet by opting for a generous helping of fresh melon instead of a sugary dessert after dinner.

In order to follow a healthy diet plan, you’ll need to stay hydrated. Nothing hydrates the body while promoting a healthy diet more than a glass of ice water. Try to drink at least sixty four ounces of water every day.

Following a healthy diet plan is essential to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Just making wise choices concerning the quantity and quality of your food can add years to your life! Speak soon, and remember to come back in a few days to see my caralluma reviews.

The Path To Weight Loss

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What is the path to weight loss? It is sad that some people believe nothing will work for them. They have tried everything with no success. Most believe they are victims of heredity. It’s easy to blame weight loss problems on some deceased ancestor.

Self-education of recommended portion sizes of different foods one consumes is paramount to anyone’s success with weight loss!

Visit an all-you-can buffet. Keep your own self-control in check by accepting only one plate. Your drink of choice should be water. At the salad bar, stay focused on the lettuces, broccoli, cauliflour, seeds, nuts, and the olive oil and vinegar salad dressing containers. Return to your table and sip your water and chew your food slowly. You can also try supplements to help you lose weight. Caralluma is one of the only supplement products that has helped me to lose weight.

Become an observer, rather than a participant, and watch as others return time after time, piling as much food on their plate(s) as humanly possible. Pay close attention to their body proportions. How many would you consider overweight? Portion size is key to weight loss! A portion of spaghetti is 1 cup cooked pasta with sauce. A weight loss portion is not a full plate! Portion size for most cereals is usually 1 cup. If you wish to enjoy weight loss, then you must measure food portions. One cup of cereal doesn’t look like much in your favorite cereal bowl so convert to using a dessert dish. Add a few nutritional walnuts and raisins. Natural honey for sweetness is good but keep your self-control intact.

Weight loss requires many difficult lifestyle changes. Success with weight loss is all about the portion sizes one consumes daily. I hoped you enjoyed this article and remember to look out for my caralluma reviews soon.

Are Slimming Pills Really Dangerous

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With the obesity epidemic on the rise, more and more people are turning to slimming pills such as caralluma as their out from obesity. These slimming pills can prove to be an effective method of slimming. But, slimming pills are often unregulated by the Food and Drug Administration and thus can pose a health hazard if precautions are not taken.

When choosing a slimming pill it is important to choose a manufacturer that is recognized as trustworthy and honest. Hundreds of new slimming pills pop up every day. Those who last the test of time are the ones that are honestly interested in helping people to lose weight with their slimming pill.

The health considerations for each slimming pill will be determined by the person taking the pill. Some slimming pills have large levels of caffeine and thus should be taken with care by those with heart conditions or higher blood pressure. Other slimming pill ingredients may interfere with prescription medications.

The best option for choosing a slimming pill is to research the ingredients in the pill. There are some slimming pill ingredients that have scientific proof in regards to weight loss. Green tea, for example, has been tested and clinically proven to increase metabolism.

Your body deserves to be healthier and leaner. If choosing a slimming pill like caralluma is right for you, try a little investigation before taking that slimming pill. This extra time will certainly pay off in the end when you are losing weight and maintaining a healthy, strong body as well. Remember to look out for my caralluma reviews coming soon.

Take care.

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